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Three Reasons to Install a Shoe Cabinet

If you have a lot of things that need to be stored in a neat manner then consider purchasing a shoe cabinet. The shoe cabinets prove that there is really a much better way to store several pairs of shoes as well as miscellaneous items. These attractive, unique designs contain drop-down sliding doors with multiple built-in shelves for holding all kinds of shoes and whatever else you can imagine. Also use them in your basement, entry way or the bathroom to eliminate clutter. If you purchase a cabinet made of solid wood such as cherry or oak it will last for many years.

These unique cabinets are perfect for storing athletic shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes, high heels or sandals. Some even have an extra shelf for earrings. Most are adjustable and have multiple interior shelves so you can accommodate different sized pairs of shoes. These units fold flat when not in use which makes them easy to store when not in use.

A shoe cabinet is a great option if you are trying to save space in a small closet. You can store all your athletic or non-athletic shoes on these shelves for easy access. They are also a great option for children who have their own set of athletic shoes. These versatile shelves can easily be organized by color, size, height or other criteria.

Always take measurements of your closet or other room where you plan to put this useful unit before shopping. You should also make sure you get a unit with enough shoe capacity to house all of your pairs of shoes. This is important because you don’t want to have to empty the entire closet to fit your shoes.

You can find these types of cabinets in many retail stores as well as online. They are often small and barely noticeable so they won’t be an eyesore in a hallway. If you have a pretty hallway, installing one may add a dramatic accent to the room. The prices are reasonable and depending on the type of shoe cabinet you choose, they can last for many years. They can also double as a small desk if you need extra seating in a hallway or in a foyer.

Another great way to use a shoe cabinet is to turn them into storage boxes. There are shoe storage boxes available that also serve as organizers. Some of these boxes stack on top of each other, while others are stacked diagonally. There are also box shelves that open up vertically, making it easy to see everything inside.