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Prêt-à-porter; Bloggers and vloggers

(September 01, 2017)

Isabelle Herring
Fashion and beauty bloggers:
are they replacing traditional forms of media?

Fashion magazines

Bloggers and vloggers seem to be everywhere these days, spanning rapidly across all our social media and YouTube feeds. It can be said that these influential people are inspiring their fans on a daily basis. From outfit choices to make-up products, these new ‘gurus’ are gradually taking over our online world.

But why? What makes their content stand out amongst other forms of promotional media? Well mainy, it is the bloggers unique sense of style that tends to catch our eye as well as that they always seem to be relevant, spotting the latest fashion trends before anyone else.

Timeless magazines such as Vogue and Tatler are sadly being left behind in this promotional race. Whilst their editions are being released once every month, bloggers have the opportunity to promote a range of products every day on their respective blogging websites and YouTube channels. Viewers are able to look at their content instantly after publication. Even though many people still buy physical copies of media, a lot of the current generation are opting to read articles online instead. Convenience is one of the main reasons. It is simply the easiest way to access fashion content – whether that be on a computer or smartphone.

However, the glossy magazines also have a reason to survive in this ever changing industry, with the transition of physical content being transferred to their online website pages in recent years. This adjustment signifies that they are ready to adapt to further technological and social changes in order to keep up with the times and still appear relevant to fashion-conscious readers.

Nevertheless, it appears as though the glossies will still have a tough time due to the power of blogging individuals relevance rising all the time. Bloggers and vloggers will still have an advantage over mainstream media, with some famous faces being offered multiple brand deals and free clothing in exchange for heavy promotion from themselves - sometimes for big bucks. This is something that magazines cannot offer to social media stars.

Well-known inspirational YouTubers including the likes of Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella), Bethany Mota and Danielle Mansutti are definitely seen to be more influential than magazines alone with their regular, engaging content. With over 22 million followers on their main YouTube channels in total, it can be said that these blogging icons are a force to be reckoned with in today’s media filled society. Even smaller influencers are making their way to the top. Fairly new fashion bloggers on the scene such as Mancunian Megan Ellaby and Australian born Emily Brooke LeBoydre are sure to become blogging superstars in future years.

Even niche markets are being covered in this newly formed industry. With the evolution of alternative blogging influencers also on the rise, this well and truly shows that bloggers are not going anywhere anytime soon. The development of people showing off their alternative sense of style to fans across the globe is also on the move. YouTubers, including the likes of Kayla Hadlington, Amy Valentine, Psychara and Toxic Tears, only means that there is going to be continuous tough competition between traditional and 21st century media forms in years to come.

But where does that leave the more timeless types of fashion publication such as glossy magazines and books? Where do they fit in in today’s ever evolving online society? Even fashion models are seen as being less influential than social media influencers nowadays.

Do you think that more traditional, physical forms of media will eventually die out? Do you reckon that the blogging revolution will strive forward still further; always having an advantage over other types of publication?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this! Please email us at or contact me on social media, links below. Look forward to hearing from you.

Isabelle Herring, September 2017

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