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Prêt-à-porter, New York Fashion Week F/W 2016

(March 01, 2016)


Isabelle Herring

New York Fashion Week F/W 2016
The best catwalk shows 

NYFW Anna Sui F/W16 collection NYFW Anna Sui F/W16 collection NYFW Anna Sui F/W16 collection
  Anna Sui F/W16 collection
Images courtesy NYFW

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter16 took place from 10 to 18 February 2016. The most notable and prominent colours of this season shown here were mostly deeper shades; burgundy, maroon and dark blues. The general trends for the season include dark coloured florals, asymmetric pattern, art influence and displays of wealth such as jewels and metal pieces. It is also apparent that other key trends for this season are linear patterns and masks. With regard to fabric trends for Fall/Winter, materials such as cotton, wool, viscose and silk appear to be the most popular. Two of my favourite catwalk shows in New York Fashion Week for this season, were the American Designers Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs.

Anna SuiAnna Sui
Image courtesy NYFW


The main colours featured in Anna Sui's Fall/Winter collection included dark reds, burnt oranges and maroon on the catwalk. Colours contrasting with the warmer tones included royal blue, ochre and leaf green. Contrasting prints appearing in the same ensemble were definitely different, but they stood out. Lighter fabrics seem to have been the main fabric choices within Sui's collection, such as chiffon or a light silk material and even velvet and faux fur. The overall shape of the clothes was very fitted and simple, with the occasional flared sleeve included. The majority of the tops were long-sleeved with rounded necklines. Skirts and dress lengths varied, but still had that same fit.

NYFW Anna Sui F/W16 collection NYFW Anna Sui F/W16 collection NYFW Anna Sui F/W16 collection
  Anna Sui F/W16 collection
Images courtesy NYFW

Marc Jacobs' Fall/Winter 2016 catwalk show is very different to the previous. The collection's colour palette hadn't much range; the most prominent colours were darker hues such as black, greys, mauve and purples, and a hint of a metallic element added. The collection's overall style of the collection definitely had an interesting gothic/grungy feel. Some features within the collection could have been influenced by Victorian fashion, such as collars and ruffles on some of the dresses. The shape of the clothes was more diverse in comparison to Sui's. Jacobs' collection showed a mixture of different shapes; mainly oversized and flouncy in the choice of fabric. Some of the ensembles were not particularly pleasing, aesthetically, being too heavily layered. A main feature throughout the collection was the heavy use of pussybow style neckties on the shirts. A range of lighter and heavier fabrics were evident, such as faux fur, wool, chiffon, faux leather and perhaps a light PVC type material. This collection seems more experimental and varied in comparison to the Anna Sui collection.

Marc Jacobs, image Ed Kavishe, Fashion Wire Press
Marc Jacobs,
image: Ed Kavishe, Fashion Wire Press

Did they conform to the predicted trends of the season listed? Well, the Anna Sui collection was very fitting with the predicted colours of this season as it featured a lot of darker blue shades, but also was contradictory, due to its predominant brightness. In terms of the fabric choices, they also sat reasonably well with the trends, particularly due to the silk materials featured. However, it appears that Sui was not really influenced by the overall trends of the season and more by the apparent colour palette.

NYFW Anna Sui F/W16 collection NYFW Anna Sui F/W16 collection NYFW Anna Sui F/W16 collection
  Anna Sui F/W16 collection
Images courtesy NYFW

The Marc Jacobs collection prominently featured a range of darker shades, whereas Sui's collection had a mix of dark and bright. The overall shapes Jacobs featured were much less feminine and flattering than Sui's. However, the fabrics Jacobs used match reasonably well with the season's predicted fabric choices. And he seems not to have been influenced by the general trends of the season.

Overall, I really like both of these collections and would list them as my two favourites from the whole week, perhaps even placing the Marc Jacobs collection as my favourite overall.

Isabelle Herring, March 2016

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