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Editors' Note: Edition 6

(April 06, 2010)

Welcome to the sixth edition of cylchgrawn
Culture Cymru

In this edition we have a very amusing article written by PR specialist Vivienne Sharman-Lewis, a regular contributor, who regales us with tales from the field, focusing on the back-stage excitement and organization which goes into a charity fashion show. I defy you to read Vivienne's article and not feel part of the event.

Viv pcture 1
Vivienne Sharman-Lewis, Director Visions PR
We look at the fashion for retro vases and how they can transform the look and feel of any home. Drawing inspiration from Whitefriars, Holmegaard and Stromberg, we compare them with the modern-day, high street alternatives and ask: 'retro verses high street - which to choose?'

Indigo Chimney Vase
Modern style or retro-chic?
Whitefriars Tapering cased or 'chimney' vase, 1972

We also have an article contributed by Robert Wade. Lawyer Robert discusses the issue 'copyright right or wrong': a fascinating look at the pros and cons of copyright law and its effect on artists' freedom of expression. This is the first of many articles we look forward to welcoming from Robert.

Copyright or wrong?
Robert Wade

At Cymru Culture we are approached regularly by journalists wishing to contribute to the magazine. In this edition we are pleased to present an article on Spring/Summer fashion accessories and trends,
written by young journalist Caitlin Anderson - the first of many such articles that we look forward to featuring by this budding writing talent.
Following on from Caitlin's article, we have pulled together a selection of pieces from friends of Cymru Culture which epitomise the feel and influences outlined in Caitlin's article. We have pieces from Caregos Couture Jewellery, art glass designer Anne Collins and handbag designer Gaynor Davies-Howell.

Spring Trends 2
Swarovski pearl choker statement necklace
available at
Caregos Couture

Spring Trends 11
Dichroic bracelet by art glass designer Anne Collins
available at Dichroic Magic

With the Easter weekend shortly upon us, we have an article featuring lots of Easter themed party ideas. From party decorations to wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Easter Bucket
Easter Basket 1Easter gifts

Lastly, we have an interview with the exciting new designer Kelly Goss, with pictures showcasing her new designs forming part of her Rock 'n' Needle fashion range. Kelly tells us how she got started, what influences her work, and her hopes for the future. The article on this talented designer is a fascinating read, and the images of her work are quite stunning.

Kelly Goss 1
A Rock ‘n’ Needle design, by Kelly Goss

Enjoy ...

Claire Meredith
Dai Barnaby


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