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White Collar Boxing

(March 06, 2011)

Commerce and Boxing come out Fighting for Charity

Days in the Life of Viv Series: Another day. Why not a Boxing Event??


Viv New 1  

Viv up against the ropes again!

November 19th saw the finale of three months of work, organising, promoting, then presenting and hosting a White Collar Boxing Event on behalf of Train Station 2, Cardiff, at the prestigious Cardiff City Stadium.


White Collar Boxing you may ask?? Now that is far removed from fashion shows and business exhibitions, normally beloved of Visions PR. Well yes, but I was brought in specifically to take it to the next level with a black tie dinner, singer Andrew Harley’s Kings of Cool act, beautiful hostesses in stunning gowns and a fashion show on the night. In so doing, I expanded its appeal to attract those who may not otherwise have attended.


Viv New 2

Viv with two of her goddesses: Rebekka Davies and Amy Thomas, dresses by Miss Congeniality


By offering this event as an executive society function, it widened its appeal to include ladies, and as a white collar event with business men taking part. It also attracted sponsorship from companies and organisations, who either sponsored their own boxer, a corner, or the kit. With an executive audience, companies also had the opportunity to promote themselves directly to this aspirational group on the night, by taking a stand at the business exhibition.


Viv New 3

Shayban Al Ibrahim (centre) of Domino Pizza, who bid £1700 for the Algrave Charter Sailing Holiday


It created a “Win Win” situation for both charity and commerce. The charity the recipient of the much needed funds raised at the event, and commerce the beneficiary of all the related publicity; via exhibition stands, flyers in goody bags and inclusions in press releases, more so if they donated auction prizes or sponsored activities.


Viv New 4

Chris "The Veteran" Jones of "Crystal Supplies" with two luscious ring girls, Dionna Vincent left and Kellie Coleman 


Executive boxing is also, however, a growing fitness craze for both men and women, that has now crossed the Pond. It originated in New York, when two high-achieving Wall Street executives fell out and someone thought it an inspired idea that they resolve their differences in a ring. Employing personal trainers, they trained hard to fight in front of a crowd of friends and colleagues, each walking away unscathed, pride intact. Word spread of these two businessmen who made money by day, but fought each other at night, and “White Collar Boxing” as a fitness craze was born. Brad Pitt further highlighted the trend, though in a more brutal fashion, in his film Fight Club.


As David Davies, MP for Monmouthshire, an enthusiastic white collar boxer (who fights under the name of David “The Tory Tornado” Davies) has commented, “Boxing is not only an excellent activity to channel young energies in a more positive route, rather than into anti-social behaviour and even crime, it is also a stress buster for high achieving executives who want to stay fit and ahead of the game in a highly competitive and difficult economy. Literally "Fighting their way out of recession"!! "


David, who is also a great supporter of the Welsh Warrior/Richard Hunt Foundation, for which this event was staged and who has already supported me in another of my fund raising events, continued, “I have taken part in five white collar bouts for a variety of charities, A workout in a boxing gym is a great way to keep fit and the knowledge that you are going to climb into a ring at some point, to put the skills you learn into action, means that you put 100% effort into every training session.”


Simon Harris of Train Station 2 Fitness Centre, Cardiff, who offers his “Cross Fit” method of training with seasoned professionals, is confident that he can transform anyone, man or woman, into the best shape they have ever been, while also teaching boxing to a standard, that, if they wish, can take it to the ring in an event such as this. They also offer a Curves Ladies Gym, run by his beautiful wife Karin, so there is really something for everyone!


Compiling the brochure for the Boxing Event was a feat in itself, especially extracting information for the boxerʼs profiles; as business men and professionals by day, they resorted to form, and played the strong silent type to a “Tʼ. As one rather tall and well built specimen proved, as he struck a boxerʼs pose for the camera and snarled menacingly when asked his fighting name, “They call me the Highlander!!”. I was later reminded that in the real world he is an Accountant!!


Viv New 5

Jason 'scrap Iron" Ryan biffs it to Kellie Coleman


Viv New 8

Jason "Scrap Iron" Ryan

All part of the fun I guess, though it did get mighty real on the night with boxers going all out hammer and tongs in a professional boxing ring and with plenty of bloody noses to go around and Chris “The Veteran” Jones of Crystal Supplies coming away with a broken nose!! Even those blessed with youth, physique. height, and, it has to said, great beauty, and most favored by the ladies, left the ring utterly wasted, a former shadow of themselves!!


However, my idea was to honour our gallant heroes, adorned in either red or blue trunks, by sending them to the battlefield, and possibly their Valhalla, escorted by two beautiful ice Maidens, who were tastefully draped in stunning gowns, curtsey of Mizz Congeniality, with their goddess locks dressed by Aquarius Revived. They were led by feisty and sassy ringgirls to their chosen theme music and with the MC announcing their fighting name in a booming voice. Neil “The Spartan” Macinnis was touchingly accompanied by his young daughter and mascot Chloe, aged nine!


Viv New 6

Blue Team

Viv New 7

Red Team


Guests could then bet on red or blue corners, on specific boxers or guess the winner of every fight for a purse of £100. Generous sponsors donated auction and raffle prizes for the Welsh Warriors, with Shayban Al Ibrahim of Domino Pizzas scooping the star prize, a four day charter yachting holiday in the Algarve with Algarve Charter Sailing, with a generous bid of £1700, while "Spirit of Sport" also offered a silent auction of sporting memorabilia.

Viv Audience 1


The evening, hosted and presented by yours truly, crocking my throat with the remnants of laryngitis, kicked off with speeches from Hazel Hunt of the Welsh Warriors, who told how her son Richard would have really enjoyed the night and reminded us how important such fund raising events were, as for every one fatality in Afghanistan, there are another five soldiers returning with appalling injuries and faced with the almost impossible task of rebuilding their lives.

Viv Audience 2


A fashion show, showcasing the sublime creations from Scarlet Etoilé, based in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, entertained during the intermission, and an after show party, hosted by Giovanni for those still standing, in the VIP rooms at Giovanniʼs recently refurbished and utterly stylish night spot, Amici, rocked the city till dawn!!


Viv Fashion Show


As we swung into the Saturday morning of November 20th, the birthday of my much missed and loved father, a boxing fan who hero worshipped Mohammed Ali, Neil “the Spartan” McGinnis touchingly raised his glass and toasted him for me.

I am sure he enjoyed it all from whereever he is!!

I again chose the Welsh Warriors, as what better charity to motivate fit executives to box than to know they are helping our seriously injured Afghan soldiers to rebuild their lives and fitness?


Look out for their next Boxing Event from Train Station 2 at the Holland House Hotel on April 8th!! Contact Vivienne on 07881756748.


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