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Jayne Pierson; spring/summer 2012 collection

(December 01, 2011)

Jayne Pierson: spring/summer 2012 collection at the London Fashion Show


Innovative Welsh designer Jayne Pierson showed her spring/summer 2012 collection at London Fashion Week in September 2011. This season, Jayne included knitwear in her collection and collaborated with her friend and knitwear designer Derek Lawlor, calling their collection 'The Mobius Strip'. Using the Royal Ballet's principal dancers as models in a stand-alone catwalk show, the collection was showcased at The Show Space, LSO St. Luke’s, in Old Street, London. 'The Mobius Strip' collection was also exhibited all week (15 – 20 September 2011) at Somerset House, central London. It was Pierson's fifth collection to show at London Fashion Week. Pierson provided these beautiful images of her catwalk show for us to enjoy …


JaynePierson_SS2012_01 JaynePierson_SS2012_02 JaynePierson_SS2012_03
 JaynePierson_SS2012_04  JaynePierson_SS2012_05  JaynePierson_SS2012_06
 JaynePierson_SS2012_07  JaynePierson_SS2012_08  JaynePierson_SS2012_09
 JaynePierson_SS2012_10  JaynePierson_SS2012_11  JaynePierson_SS2012_12
 JaynePierson_SS2012_13  JaynePierson_SS2012_14  JaynePierson_SS2012_15


Features of Pierson Lawlor's 'The Mobius Strip' included: luxury woven fabrics; leather pleating; future print; silks; and draped leathers.  Pierson's signature high-end, premium details are evident.

The collection tests fabric possibilities and incorporates bespoke knitwear in a ready to wear collection.


JaynePierson_SS2012_17 JaynePierson_SS2012_18 JaynePierson_SS2012_19
JaynePierson_SS2012_20 JaynePierson_SS2012_21 JaynePierson_SS2012_22
JaynePierson_SS2012_23 JaynePierson_SS2012_24 JaynePierson_SS2012_25
JaynePierson_SS2012_26 JaynePierson_SS2012_26a JaynePierson_SS2012_27
JaynePierson_SS2012_28 JaynePierson_SS2012_29 JaynePierson_SS2012_30


Pierson's short film of her Spring/Summer 2011 collection, Twin Parallel, made in collaboration with director Justin Anderson, won ‘Best Styling Award’ for a fashion film at Diane Pernet's 'A Shaded View of Fashion Film Awards'; Paris Fashion Week, October 2011. Featuring Pierson as both the designer and the stylist, the film reflected the concept for her collection for Spring/Summer 2011. Twin Parallel - inspired by the 'twin paradox' of special relativity - can be seen via this link to French Vogue online.

For further information about Jayne Pierson and her previous collections, see

Jayne Pierson Label, the ready to wear brand, is available from her online shop here:


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