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Off the Wall, Llandaff

(December 01, 2011)

Off the Wall, Llandaff

Off the Wall is a contemporary art gallery in Llandaff, to the north of Cardiff. The splendidly gothic Old Probate Registry, built in 1857, was beautifully converted by Gallery Directors Marlene and Richard Outrim, and opened to the public in March 2009.

Off the Wall - Gallery    The wonderfully gothic Old Probate Registry, home to contemporary gallery Off the Wall


Gallery Manager, Cassandra Jones, ensures a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, providing expert advice if required.

The gallery showcases affordable, modern and contemporary art, featuring work of the highest quality from some of the most talented artists in Wales, the UK and from overseas. Their Christmas exhibition, which runs until January, features a mixed show of their favourite artists, and introduces many new ones.


Off the Wall - inside One of Off the Wall's galleries


Off the Wall is open Tuesdays to Fridays 9:30 to 5:30, and Saturdays 10:00 to 4:00, admission free.


Gallery director Marlene Outrim guides us through some of the artists featured in Off the Wall's latest exhibition.


The Great Adventure Acrylic on panel Stephen Lovatt 
 The Great Adventure, acrylic on panel, Stephen Lovatt

Stephen Lovatt

Stephen was born in The Black Country, and trained at Norwich School of Art, 1973-6: BA (hons), Fine Art (Painting) and Stourbridge College of Art, 1972-3: Art Foundation. His work has been accepted by the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, and the Royal West of England Academy.

Stephen Lovatt’s paintings are characterized by meticulous observation, carefully manipulated effects of light, and smooth brushwork. He paints from life, composing enigmatic tableaux from curios collected over a lifetime. Some are natural, some are man-made, some ephemeral, others timeless. Although none is particularly rare or costly, they are all precious, deliberately chosen for their associations. They call to mind times, places, people, events, moments, and recurring themes in his work. Isolated players, they face each other across the stage, their relationships suggested but not confirmed.



Gold Angels Clare Ferguson Walker Blood & Gold Angels, ceramic, Clare Ferguson Walker

Clare Ferguson Walker

Clare was born in Carmarthen in 1978, and has lived in Wales all her life apart from a brief spell in London. She has been passionate about art since early childhood, spending hours obsessively drawing and making plastecine models. She moved to a house with a pottery attached to it when she was 18 and spent much of her time there experimenting and falling in love with clay.

Clare started selling her work in a local gallery and soon decided to expand her knowledge base, and so enrolled at the West Wales school for the Arts and embarked on a degree in sculpture. She graduated in 2003 and was determined to continue her art career so successfully applied for grant funding and was able to set up a fully functioning home based workshop, from which she produces all her work in ceramics and her paintings. 

She was able to move into bronze production two years ago, working with one of the country's most renowned foundries. Clare loves the excitement of the foundry process and likes the permanence of the material. She says, "I know that after I am gone, there will be a little of myself immortalized in my sculptures.

"Through my work I aim to communicate the human condition from as many angles as I can see. I often draw upon elements of folklore and mythology, as I believe that certain stories carry age old truths woven into our collective subconscious which often have moral, emotional and physical relevance, regardless of time period or cultural status.

"I love the idea of taking a scene from my imagination and turning it into a tangible object, that way my inner self comes to life in front of me, and is shared with whoever wishes to look."



Big Bang, Emma Sian Pritchard
Big Bang
, mixed media on canvas with enamel, Emma Sian Pritchard

Emma Sian Pritchard

Emma has been painting, drawing and creating for as long as she can remember. Her paintings at the moment are painted with acrylic. She believes in the powerful energy force in the universe and that we create our lives through our own feelings.

The mother-of-two describes her work as vibrant, colourful, textural artwork The 43-year-old, who spent some of her childhood in Llandeilo, now lives in Blackwood.

In her collection The red dragon, it is the ‘feeling’ of the power the word dragon emits to her … the strength of the mythical animal, the magicalness of it. The dragon also makes Emma think of Wales and the passion and depth and strength of all of us here, in previous times and now.



Off the Wall - Concerto-Andie Clay
  Concerto, mixed media on paper,Andie Clay

Andie Clay

With Cornish blood in her veins, it comes as no surprise that much of Andie’s inspiration comes from the stunning Celtic landscape surrounding her coastal west Wales home close to the border between Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion, and also from the equally awe-inspiring area surrounding the harbour side family home in South Cornwall.

Having enjoyed the adrenalin flow of the cut and thrust of life and work in central London for many years, in the early 1990s the decision was made to move to her husband’s homeland of West Wales, to change and improve the quality of life. Living in a historic traditional Welsh farmhouse complete with studio and gallery and having picturesque views over Cardigan Bay to the mountains of North Wales and the Llŷn Peninsular has had a great influence on Andie’s work over the years. The strong sense of living on the edge, close to earth’s energies and cycles of ebb and flow has informed her work for more than 20 years. The sense of the primordial power that nature has over mankind is a recurring theme. The placidly sensual, feminine forms of the nearby Preseli mountains, where the famous Stonehenge bluestone rock come from, contrasts greatly with the sheer drama of the vertical cliffs tumbling into the ever changing energy of the often turbulent waters of the Irish sea. Her work has featured on many television programmes, radio shows and in magazine articles and books.

She has won various prizes, awards, commendations and grants including funding of three dimensional works, using the lost wax method for bronze casting. Her work features in public and private collections in the UK and abroad.


Visit Off the Wall at The Old Probate Registry, Cardiff Road, Llandaff, Cardiff CF5 2DQ or log on to 
Tel: 029 20 55 4469


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