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Interview with photograher Paulette Hurley

(September 01, 2012)

Interview with photographer, Paulette Hurley


Paulette Hurley
Paulette Hurley

Facebook is a wonderful medium to discover and meet new people, which is where I came across the work of the talented photographer, Paulette Hurley. Her stunning images really caught our eye here at Cymru Culture (especially her beautiful images of Tenby – very close to our heart). In this interview we speak with Paulette, who tells us about what sparked her interest in photography, why she became involved and the challenges she has faced as an artist. She also gives advice to readers interested in photography.


Paulette 2
Bosherston Liley Ponds, Stackpole Estate, Pembrokeshire

CC ... When did your interest in photography begin?

PH ... I was drawn to the coast from an early age; it made me feel so alive and energized. A friend bought me a camera a few years ago and I haven't let the dust settle on it yet. Throughout the summer months, I spend a great deal of time walking in the Pembrokeshire National Park with my faithful border collie, Taffy, capturing some of the stunning views leading onto beaches and coves.

Paulette 3
Broadhaven South, Pembrokeshire

Paulette 4
Carew Castle, Pembrokeshire

CC ... Are you self-taught or have you studied formally? What advice would you give to readers interested in photography?

PH ... I am a self taught photographer who views everything through a lens. I aim to capture special moments and share what I see with others. The only advice I would give is ... get to know your camera and understand how it works. You will become a good team. Believe in yourself and stick to what you enjoy taking photos of.

Paulette 5
Castell Coch, north of Cardiff

CC ... What inspires you?

PH ... The coastline gives me a boost from within. It opens my heart, making me feel so good inside. It gives me that feeling of being energized and alive. I just have to look at the sand, the sea and the beaches around me to feel so inspired.

paulette 6
Lower Town, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire

paulette 7
Mwnt, south Ceredigion

CC ... Your photography is beautiful. Do you know when a scene or subject will make an excellent photograph instinctively, or is there an element of chance in your photography?

PH ... I believe that in photography, everything is an element of chance, just as in life. I myself take images in all positions. I've been in fields of mud, fields of poppies, lying on my belly and kneeling in the wet sand, to capture what I feel would be a great photo of interest. Always remembering, we all see things differently, and we all have different interests.

paulette 8
Tenby, Pembrokeshire


CC ... Do you particularly admire any established photographers. If so, why?

PH ... To be truly honest with you, I don't have a favourite photographer, as I believe it is better to learn from within than to copy another artist's work. It's great to look at other images ... but I believe it's more important to find your own angle on photos that capture the moment.

paulette 9
Pink Rose Fur

paulette 10

CC ... When you capture an image, are you endeavouring to convey a particular sense or feeling, or are you more interested in capturing a visually stunning moment in time?

PH ... Any photo I take is a moment captured in time. I am a sensitive person, and I hope that is portrayed in my photography.


paulette 11
Strumble Head Lighthouse, Pembrokeshire

 paulette 12
Swanlake, Pembrokeshire

CC ... Which iconic image do you wish you had taken ... and which public figure or celebrity would you love to photograph?

PH ... The iconic images I enjoy taking are regarded as sacred places of worship. It is their architectural importance and design that attracts me.
My interest in photography comes from the Coastline National Parks. I also do portrait photography; occasions on request; weddings etc. I have no interest in celebrity, or public figure photography.

 paulette 13
Swanlake Beach, Pembrokeshire

CC ... Do you have plans to exhibit your work?

PH ... All my work is exhibited on my web site at , and also at
I have donated some photos, along with a canvas of the Pembrokeshire Coast to a Charity called Unity Wales, which is holding an event at Manor House Wildlife Park, St Florence, Tenby on the 15 September. Hopefully the charity will benefit. I also have on display a selection of my photos at Whitewell Holiday Park, Lydstep, Tenby. It would be nice to exhibit my work in a gallery, but at this time the expense is not a realistic option.

CC ... Some of your images are available for sale on canvas.  H,ow have you advertised your business and what challenges have you faced?

PH ... I did join a photographic Stock Agency, when I first started. But being honest, the costs were too much.
I am now with a company called Photo4me, which is free to join and linked to Facebook and Twitter. I feel very lucky, in a way, as my images get free publicity on three sites. In a photographic world, anything can sell. It is up to the individual and what they want and see in an image. It is personal to them ... as is everything in life.Whatever challenges I face, I find comfort through my view finder.

CC ... Do you have any long term plans for developing your photography brand?

PH ... My life is an open book at the moment.
I take photos because I have a passion for photography and everything that the beautiful, natural world has to offer. Some people are less able and can't always manage to get to the place I've been to. This is one of the reasons I started photography in the first place. "It Feels Good To Share". Like my life: my brand of photography is an open book.


CC ... Paulette Hurley, thank you.


Paulette Hurley, photographer.



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