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Leanne Wood, Bae watch (December 2012)

(December 01, 2012)

Bae Watch; with Leanne Wood

Leanne Wood - Senedd

A key role of an Assembly member is scrutiny of the government, holding them to account. In recent weeks the Party of Wales has given close scrutiny to the Welsh Government on their very controversial hospital centralisation programme, their response to allegations of a cover-up during the original inquiry into child abuse at a number of North Wales care homes, child poverty reduction measures, business rates and attempts to allow an exemption to the smoking ban through the back door.

The Plaid Cymru team contains some diligent scrutinisers and, when we need to be, fierce critics of the Government. However, we are still prepared to find common ground for the good of the country when we can. This was illustrated in November when we struck a deal with the Welsh Government during the budget negotiations. Thanks to Plaid Cymru, £40 million has been secured over two years to create sustainable apprenticeships. This funding has the potential to create up to 10,500 non-engineering apprenticeships, or 8,000 engineering apprenticeships. A further £10m will go towards the creation of a science park by Bangor University, in collaboration with Aberystwyth University. When our economy is struggling more than any other country in the UK and unemployment - particularly youth unemployment - is at an unacceptable level, creating jobs is the top priority for the Party of Wales.

Recently, my party has announced a series of exciting developments which are geared to securing an historic result at the next Assembly elections in 2016. We have proposed the creating the first ever ‘Wiki-manifesto’ to incorporate ideas from people throughout Wales to create programmes that will transform the country. We have an opportunity to build a new kind of politics in Wales that is creative, social and local and can go some way to overcoming the voter apathy that is blighting our democracy. The participatory approach has proven successful in Latin America and Scandinavia. It has shown how the gap can be bridged between the people and political parties – a gap that seems to widen each year.

We also want to attract would-be election candidates from all walks of life and all corners of the country. Our open-door policy for the Plaid Cymru national register of candidates applies to all elections and a successful application is not dependent on previous political experience. We know we can realise success if we put forward a good team of high calibre candidates who have a belief in a better, fairer, more prosperous Wales that leaves no one behind. If you have a passion for cultivating a country that is able to stand on its own two feet then my party would love to hear from you. See the website here:

I firmly believe that Plaid Cymru can become the biggest political party in Wales if are determined, work hard and present a positive programme of government to the Welsh public. I have therefore decided to seek nomination for a constituency seat at the next Assembly elections in 2016. The exact seat is a question for another day and will depend upon decisions taken by grassroots members. I announced this at a recent Institute of Welsh Politics lecture at Aberystwyth University. "All politics is local, said Tip O’Neill. In Wales it’s two thirds. That’s how many of the constituency seats we have to win if we are to achieve our aim of becoming the major party of Wales. Leaders are called leaders for a reason. It is my intention to lead the party in this."

There is much ground to cover and many myths to dispel about my party and its aims between now and 2016, but I believe it is a task we can achieve. We are ambitious for our country and we are determined to break the status quo that is shackling us. A Plaid Cymru government wants to set about transforming Wales’ economic fortunes and prospects and lift ourselves out of poverty. Plaid Cymru is needed now more than ever. I will be doing all I can to make sure that is what happens in little over four years’ time.

There have been some encouraging signs of progress in recent months. Following on from our stunning success in the Buttrills ward in the Vale of Glamorgan and Llanbedrgoch on Ynys Môn earlier in the summer, we had some encouraging results in the Cardiff South and Penarth Westminster by-election and the Deganwy by-election in Conwy. While neither election saw Plaid Cymru win, we saw considerable swings to the party, which bodes well for the future in these areas. If we can make lots of little steps forward between now and 2016, we could be in a position to break the one-party political dominance of Wales that has lingered for generations.

If any readers are interested in registering on our list of candidates, they can contact the party by calling 029 20472272 or by emailing

Leanne Wood, 1 December 2012



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