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Leanne Wood, Bae watch (June 2015)

(June 01, 2015)

Bae Watch; with Leanne Wood

Leanne Wood

The next 12 months provides an outstanding opportunity for Plaid Cymru.

After a short breather following the UK election, Plaid Cymru is gearing up to take the case for a better Wales to doorsteps across our nation.

By coming together, people in Wales can make a difference and deliver the national renewal we yearn for.

Of course, the political impact of the Tories’ victory will not be felt for some time. There's no doubt that it will be bad news for Wales with more attacks on our public services and those with the least.

Plaid Cymru was disappointed that we same so close to making our first gain at a Westminster election in many years.

The disappointment was countered somewhat by news showing the hard work of Jonathan Edwards and Hywel Williams in Carmarthen East and Dinefwr and Arfon has paid off. Both saw their majorities increase substantially. Where people are served by Plaid Cymru MPs, they are well served. It was also good to see Plaid Cymru’s first woman MP, Liz Saville Roberts returned in Dwyfor Meirionydd following the retirement of Elfyn Llwyd.

Events in Scotland are without parallel in the democratic world. The engagement and political renewal that has occurred there will have implications for the rest of the UK. This will provide another opportunity for Wales that we can ill-afford to squander again.

While the Conservatives won a mandate in England to rule over the entire UK, it is an unforgivable indictment of the Labour Government in Wales that they refuse to insist on a multi-national framework for the UK where Wales’ devolution arrangements can be strengthened so that the democratic wishes of people here are respected.

Instead, Labour – as the establishment party here – are seemingly content to repeat their 'Wales can't' mantra.

At every opportunity, rather than seize the initiative and gain greater potential to protect communities in Wales, Labour has found reasons why ‘Wales can't.’

  • Wales can't take responsibility for aspects of social security, they say.

  • Wales can't mitigate the bedroom tax, they say.

  • Wales can't end exploitative zero-hours contracts, they say.

  • Wales can't take control of justice and uphold human rights, they say.

  • Wales can't assume economic levers to support business and create jobs , they say.

This is the mind-set that has, and continues, to dog Labour in Scotland.

Both branches of the Labour party have become de facto apologists not only for Tory rule, but for the status quo: the inevitability of Wales’ third-rate constitution, the inevitability of poor public service outcomes, the inevitability of our poverty.

The more northern of the two party branches has paid the heaviest of political prices for such a world-view after being all but wiped out.

Labour in Wales will pay the price for that too. In Wales they have become part of the problem.

Plaid Cymru's electoral breakthrough did not occur in May, but there is a growing sense of the beginning of a psychological breakthrough.

People appear to recognise that doing the same thing at the ballot box simply cedes power to those with no mandate, with no aspiration. The stranglehold of the big two London parties is ending,

I urge all those seeking something new for Wales to join us in building the movement Wales needs in every community, in every part of the nation.

It is through building and implementing the biggest grassroots movement in Welsh electoral history that Plaid Cymru will succeed in delivering and leading a new government and a new beginning.

I am determined to ensure there is a better future for our people – and for that to happen Wales needs to have a strong band of Plaid Cymru Assembly Members. Look what has happened in Scotland where the SNP is the voice of that nation. Only Plaid Cymru can be that voice in Wales.

Leanne Wood,
Leader of Plaid Cymru and South Wales Central AM, June 2015

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