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Leanne Wood, Bae watch (September 2015)

(September 01, 2015)

Bae Watch; with Leanne Wood

Leanne Wood

There is less than nine months before voters go to the polls in the Welsh General Election, a crucial one for our nation.

Plaid Cymru members are out and about across Wales speaking to people on the doorsteps about the issues that matter to them and our aim is to become the biggest party following the National Assembly elections. The people of Wales have a straight choice: myself or Carwyn Jones as First Minister.

It is my hope that the election will be a competition of ideas between the competing parties for improving and strengthening public services, communities and the economy.

It would be a disservice to people in Wales to be denied that opportunity. Too often, parties here have sought to lay the blame for all our ills on others.

Whilst Wales has been continually disadvantaged at the hands of successive UK governments, what people in Wales deserve now is a contest between their politicians on what they will do, not what they don't want others to do.

Plaid Cymru's key priorities as we run through to May 2016 will be to deliver improvements in health, education and the economy.

People want to see things get better in their lives, in their GP surgery, their school, their hospital and in their workplace. Plaid Cymru's programme for government will be about delivering that.

Every individual, every business, every community and every country has potential. It is the job of government to create the conditions for all to have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

That opportunity shouldn't be limited or confined to the few who shout the loudest.

It should be available to all and Plaid Cymru in government will broaden the opportunities for all, regardless of background and regardless of financial means.

As the centre of political gravity shifts once again in Westminster, people in Wales can be sure that Plaid Cymru will not abandon our values of social justice, of compassion.

It was so disappointing to see Labour MPs – many from Wales – sitting on their hands and deciding not to oppose the Conservative Government's dreadful Welfare Bill, unlike the three Plaid Cymru MPs who stood up for people and for Wales. Many will be poorer as a result of UK Government's measures and we should not be afraid to speak up for the disadvantaged.

My sincere and heartfelt belief is that Wales needs a change of government and a new direction. It is not going to come unless we end 17 years of one-party rule in the National Assembly.

People can see the progress being made in Scotland as a result of the policies of the Scottish National Party. Plaid Cymru can do the same for the people of Wales, because doing the best for Wales is always our priority.

We have a lot of hard work ahead and our annual conference in Aberystwyth will be a springboard for next year's election.

There could, of course, be a second major election in 2016 – on the UK's membership of the European Union.

Plaid Cymru's unwavering belief is that it is in Wales' best interests for us to remain a part of the European Union.

The Party of Wales will campaign during that referendum for that. I would also like to put on record my belief that a campaign for continued EU membership based on fear, on the status quo or on perceived dangers of withdrawal alone, should be avoided at all costs.

We cannot afford a re-run of the Scottish 'No' campaign on the question of EU membership.

The campaign for continued membership must be positive. It must be based on what has been and what could be achieved with us as members of the EU. It must be a campaign that inspires people, not one that frightens.


Leanne Wood,
Leader of Plaid Cymru and South Wales Central AM, September 2015

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