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Leanne Wood, Bae watch (June 2016)

(June 01, 2016)

Bae Watch; with Leanne Wood

Leanne Wood

Since I last wrote for Cymru Culture Wales has had its election.

Plaid Cymru’s key pledges and policies went down well on the doorsteps in the Rhondda and on the streets of the many towns and cities I visited during the course of the campaign. We had the most comprehensive and radical manifesto of all the political parties and the electorate responded to its ambition. The positive feeling towards our programme was palpable.

The election result in the Rhondda went against all odds. It was testament to the sheer hard work that has been put into the Plaid Cymru campaign there over many years. This year’s campaign built on last year’s excellent UK election result for our outstanding 2015 candidate Shelley Rees-Owen in the Rhondda. I am grateful to people in the Rhondda. They have placed their hope and their trust in me and the Party of Wales and I will prove to them over time that the right decision was made.

We had some great results elsewhere. We came close to taking a clutch of seats like Caerffili and Blaenau Gwent. We saw healthy swings towards Plaid Cymru in other constituencies like Pontypridd. All this bodes well for the future. The Party of Wales overtook the Tories as the official opposition. Furthermore, two out of the four Police and Crime commissioners are now Plaid Cymru. Having said all that, we did not win all the seats we wanted to win. The challenge now will be to build on the momentum we have and carry it into and beyond the local elections next year to deliver the change Wales needs.

There is now a minority government. It is a shame that they appear to need reminding of that fact. In the past, Labour have been allowed to get away with acting like a majority government when they were not. Those days have now ended. Plaid Cymru intends to use the leverage we have to win as many concessions for people as possible. We are not interested in ministerial cars or seats in someone else’s cabinet. We are interested in winning real gains through implementing as much as of our transformational programme as is possible. For those who may be left with doubt; there will be no deal with UKip or the Tories under my leadership. Any suggestion to the contrary is a lie and demonstrates, in my view, that sense of entitlement that comes when one party has had their own way for too long.

Plaid Cymru agreed to support Labour’s nomination for First Minister in a one-off vote in return for progress on five of our nine key Plaid Cymru manifesto pledges. These include childcare for three-year-olds, an end to the postcode lottery over new medicines and treatments, new apprenticeship places, and extra GPs as well as the creation of a development bank for Wales and a National Infrastructure Commission to ensure all parts of Wales benefit from future capital spending. This was achieved in under a week of negotiations. Plaid Cymru has managed to secure more in one afternoon than the Tories did in the entire five-year term in the last Assembly when they led the opposition.

This is only the start. As I said in my speech to plenary following the announcement of the new First Minister: “watch this space”.

Leanne Wood,
Leader of Plaid Cymru and Assembly Member for the Rhondda, June 2016


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