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Essentials of sustainable interior design

The society, including architects and interior designers, is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of the environment. This is why more and more developers are seeking to incorporate sustainability in their interiors. As a result, interior designers become an integral part of interior design sustainability because they decide which materials will be used.

Energy-efficient designs

Excessive energy consumption leaves one of the giant footprints on the environment, contributing to global warming. Buildings account for a significant share of the world’s greenhouse emissions, stemming from energy consumption. Interior designers and architects should reverse these adverse effects by reducing the energy needed for heating, cooling, and lighting and provide non-carbon-based and renewable energy alternatives.

Designs conforming to flexibility and longevity

Replacements and frequent repairs should be avoided if buildings are to become sustainable. Designers should refrain from using materials that are replaced and discarded too often. The aim here is to design buildings that are durable and timeless to avoid altering the whole design every couple of years. Designers should therefore choose, classics over trendy and simplicity over embellishments.

Healthy environments

Many times, humans focus on taking care of the environment, forgetting that they are a part of it. Therefore, considering that people spend most of their time indoors, designing a healthy living environment should be at the top of every designer’s priority list. An environmental-cautious designer should consider air quality, ventilation, heating, acoustics, and lighting when designing healthy spaces.

Design with less wastage

Designers play an essential role in waste reduction and a paramount responsibility in designing sustainable buildings. It’s no longer sustainable to discard interior design products as they go out of fashion and replace them with the latest ones. Recycling, repurposing, and reusing are the latest sustainable trends that every interior designer should embrace. Instead of discarding out-of-style products that are still functional, designers should consider giving their life a second chance.

Designs with a smaller environmental footprint

Although organic materials like natural stone, wool, and wood seem the most obvious choice here, designers should treat natural resources responsibly. Quickly renewable materials like the fast-growing bamboo should be every designer’s top pick over any other natural material.

The planet’s only natural resources are depleting fast, and humans must act responsibly to save the little that’s left. Designing environmentally-friendly buildings should be prioritized as building account for a fair share of the world’s carbon emissions contributing to global warming. You can check out Tylko’s guide on sustainable interior design (https://journal.tylko.com/the-principles-of-sustainable-interior-design/) for more details.